Jeremiah Taylor - Harley

January 8, 2020

     'Harley,' by Jeremiah Taylor, is a tune dedicated to love making. He said in the chorus, "ride it like a Harley," and without really needing any context you can pretty much understand what this song is about. It's one of those, "stay up all night, with boo" kind of songs!


     However, the record is not slow by any means. After an eight bar instrumental introduction Jeremiah goes straight into the chorus adding in with plenty more instrumental stems. Apart from the intro, the song has a fast BPM (beats per minute) and maintains high energy throughout most of it! All in all this a fun song and due to its fast pace it has more than one purpose for listening to it, so go peep down below!



Lyrics That Stick:


"I put that ring up on your finger, you my wife now

lets drink the henny till' we vibe out."






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