LOVEALEX - Don't Be Calling

January 9, 2020

    A tune that can't really be categorized. It's under the genre of pop but takes influences from electronic dance and Hip-Hop music, combining the two and creating a cool and unique pop record. LOVEALEX's new single, 'Don't Be Calling', has a lot of energy and it's definitely a fun song to listen to regardless of the message behind it. 


   'Don't Be Calling', reflects on a recently broken up couple and their individual desires. LOVEALEX wants to move on while his past lover doesn't. This is definitely a song you want to add to our "these people are blocked" playlist. What I found most interesting about the song was his incorporation of a cello. The fact that he had like four major genres smashed into one song and added a cello might sound a little crazy but LOVEALEX totally pulled it off. We're "calling" this one a hit and hope you guys do too!


Lyrics That Stick:

"I drank to much, I'll admit it

this ain't love, who you kidding"





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