SORAN - Stop Myself (Music Video)

January 9, 2020

     A beautiful record that points its attention at one's inner demons. 'Stop Myself', is about love, the need for companionship but also the need for self acceptance and self trust. SORAN released this tune a few days back and I highly highly recommend it.


   It's not so much the messaging that made this song great rather everything SORAN put into the record. The way he structured the song is the same way most movies structure themselves. It opened with little instrumentation as "character development", while the pre-chorus was the moral of the story. The second verse then builds up to the climax by adding in procession and more of the conflict and story. Not to mention closing with the bridge was a plot twist and the final chorus wasn't as big as the other choruses letting the audience know it's coming to an end! We can't "stop" ourselves from running this one back over again like it's one of our favorite films!


Lyrics That Stick:

"When I fall in love, I only fuck it up

Don't know why the hell, can't stop myself

And when I feel too much, I gotta turn it off

Don't know why the hell, can't stop myself"




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