Emmanuel Franco - Do Me Like a Drug

January 9, 2020

     A fun and light hearted song that gets the blood flowing and hips swaying. 'Do Me Like a Drug,' is one song you need to add to your "I play these when I wanna dance with my baby" playlist. It's a unique clash between Rock and Indie-Pop creating a upbeat bluesy alternative sound that everyone will dig!


     Emmanuel also did an interesting stylistic choice with the instrumentation in this record. He separated his lead electric and rhythm electric by panning one more left or right adding depth and personality to the record. You can also hear this with some of the procession too. It made me feel like Emmanuel had a full band in front of me, almost as if I was at a live show getting lost in the glory! 


Lyrics That Stick:


"I'll be the one that gets you high
You won't need much as lay me down oh lay me down."







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