lucas ! - fuck you, i hate you

January 9, 2020

    It's a simple anthem with a simple message, writing in the title and spoken in the choruses. 'f*ck you, i hate you', is all you really need to know to get this song. Lucas ! released this tune a few days back on SoundCloud and I gotta say, its a banger.


   This record is a text book definition of an acoustic ballad. Literally the only two stems in the song are Lucas ! singing and an acoustic guitar backing him up. The reverb used on both the guitar and the vocals gave off the feeling that this was a live recording making it sound more intimate. So if someone just broke your heart, pump this one into your speakers and zone tf out!


Lyrics That Stick:

"I don't even get it baby, you never feel better

always take it out on me when you see cloudy weather" 



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