Roshy - Blinded

     Time to take those Blinders off and take a good, hard look at Roshy because if you haven't noticed his latest single was absolute fire! There's such an effortless build up to the hook and it transcends so seamlessly you'll be hypnotized immediately! 


     He doesn't understand why the girl in his viewpoint is 'Blinded' and wants another, but he's relentless and refuses to give up, knowing his worth. There's such an alluring factor within the vocal range Roshy delivers in this single and how he can hit those peak pitches with such little effort it's mesmerizing! Open those eyes and see Roshy for who he is! The new, up and coming artist you've been on the search for!



Lyrics That Stick:


"Why you need him

Why you want him

I'm everything you need."





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