Isaia Huron - Loving You Is a Mountain

January 11, 2020

     Isaia Huron only has three songs out and they are all apart of his EP, 'Three,' all three songs are great but, 'Loving You Is a Mountain,' really stood out to! It's a beautiful sad ballad combined with bluesy soulful melodies that is gonna make people want to dance and cry at the same time!


     This is one tune you want, no need, to add to your "lonely wine night" playlist. Isaia really took an interesting approach to stylistically organizing his record together. The first half of it is structured like most songs, a verse followed by a chorus and so on. What Isaia does after the second chorus instead of going into a bridge or third verse, is he puts the rest of the song in an instrumental break adding in versus, chord changes and backing vocals to keep it entertaining! What it must be like to Love someone like a mountain!



Lyrics That Stick:


"I just don't believe we can function 

there's no life if there's an absence of blood."









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January 19, 2020

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