Rapta - Energy Therapy

January 11, 2020

     A tune that points at the problem and suggests a solution! 'Energy Therapy,' is a unique combination of Soul/R&B and Hip-hop that for the most part has high energy but also focuses on a negative topic as well.  This is a tune you should add to your "I'm moving on" playlist, because Rapta makes it clear he's moving on!


     Rapta mentions in the song "you need some help, I'll pray for your health," but I don't think he means it literally. In my opinion, he means it as if it's an intervention but at the same time telling someone what they really need to know. The drown out reverb used on the lead electric guitar helped give off this mood as well as the tone in Rapta's voice. Overall, if you're in need of some serious 'Energy Therapy' and some guidance with moving on from a heartbreak, Rapta's got you!



Lyrics That Stick:


"fingers come out, put you on top

it's where you belong, its like you forgot."







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January 19, 2020

January 19, 2020

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