Noah NorTH - Fuck it up

January 12, 2020

     Attention: there is an anonymous voice at the beginning of the record that says, "play this record as frequently as possible" and I highly recommend that you take their advice! Noah NorTH dropped an absolute banger a few days ago on SoundCloud and it is not one to miss!


     The record barely stretches past two minutes long but well have everyone in the room jumping the whole time. The staccato nature of the instrumental mixed with Noah's mellow tone of voice creates a stupid amount of energy that honestly can't be explained by science. I'll say it one last time, go listen to this two minute piece of art! 


Lyrics That Stick:


"I just be rappin and wrappin my shit up when new shorties come around (bag)

Look they used to hate when I never had nothing

But you know I’m stuntin now."








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