Ollie Joseph, Hoodie Mitch & BangerOfTheDay - Pop It

January 12, 2020

     A record that showcases pure energy, emotion and raw talent! 'Pop It,' is a collaborative effort between Ollie Joseph, Hoodie Mitch & BangerOfTheDay and is not one to overlook. This is one song you should add to your "lets get hyped" playlist! It simply has this quality that makes it 'Pop' and you won't overlook!


     Both Ollie Joseph and Hoodie Mitch sounded like they were competing with one another about who can come with the best rhymes and the smoothest melodies. Both artists added accents for specific phrases as well as implied stupid amounts of emotion into this record. From a production standpoint, its a boob-bat, upbeat raw beat that sounds good just as an instrumental let alone a full length song! So, 'Pop It' on and jam out to this banger of a melody that will ignite your soul!



Lyrics That Stick:


"Her patience is hard to show with all the fallacy 

all of which I'm thinking while I'm f**king on my balcony."









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