RoZe - You're A Joke

January 12, 2020

     RoZe's voice honestly reminds me Jason Derulo. His new single is far from positive but at the same time is incredibly upbeat! A unhappy song kids can dance to, 'You're A Joke,' really says it all too! Without even listening to the song one can already tell its calling someone on their sh*t! 


     The song from a production standpoint reminds me of early 2000s Hip-Hop and R&B. It has kind of a old yet new feel to it that is unique and really separates RoZe from other artists in his genre. The coolest thing about this record to me is RoZe's ability to not just roast his past lover, rather he gives valid reasoning for why he thinks they're a joke and I couldn't agree more!



Lyrics That Stick:


"Why did I give you my all when all you gave me was shit?
I tried to give you my heart, you out here waiting for his."







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