Gavin Haley - Half Evil (EP)

January 13, 2020

     A short yet pretty collection of music, ‘Half Evil’ is an Indie-Pop record complied with acoustic attributes and R&B overtones. There are only three songs on the EP lasting only seven minutes. In my opinion, all of these songs feel like the kind of tunes you want to play at night by your lonesome just drowning out to the sounds!


     All of the songs lead with an acoustic guitar giving a very specific feel. Nothing sounded out of place and all three songs sounded like they were feeding off one another, almost like a cause and effect. Out of the three songs, my personal favorite is ‘Half Evil,' not because it's the title track. It just the most relatable. What I liked about all of the tracks where how specific Gavin is, by describing exactly what he wanted to say lyrically. Gavin really has this way of relating and hitting those points we often think of, making it sound so seamless!



Lyrics That Stick:


"I got some dreams

There's other things I need

You were my drug

But now I'm clean."



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