Joël - So Blue

January 13, 2020

     A record with minimal implications and holding a heavy message, ‘So Blue’ is not your average typical song. There's such an angelic essence throughout this song that just captures your attention and slowly draws you in. Joël limits himself with this lovely ballad on purpose. Sometimes simple really is sweet. 


     This is that song you want to play when you’re feeling reflective or nostalgic. When you just want to be alone with a bottle of wine kind of song. There is no procession, only a rhythm electric playing muted staccato chords to back up the lead electric. The only other stems on the record are Joël’s main and backing vocals. Sometimes being 'So Blue' isn't that bad the way Joël makes it sound so damn good!


Lyrics That Stick:


“I didn’t know why I left you so blue

I didn’t know why I should have knew.”





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