Croosh - Intuition

January 14, 2020

      A record that will have your head bouncing and your mind reflecting. ‘Intuition', by Croosh is a groovy vibe and focuses on an individual who learns from past mistakes. It’s definitely the kind of song you want to add to your “late night wondering” playlist. 


     If you break down the song from a production standpoint, one can start to see the depth to this record and really appreciate it even more. The lead piano has a cool delay and reverb on it almost giving it a synth sound. The staccato nature of both the lyrics and beat force the song to sound more fast pass creating an upbeat vibe! All in all, Croosh killed this record and this is not a tune you want to miss!   


Lyrics That Stick:


“Damn I should have listened to my intuition

Maybe then I wouldn’t be in this position.”





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