HUSH - Hey Mama

     HUSH is back...and dare we say better? He's giving a shoutout to his Mama and I mean how do we not resonate, because who doesn't love their Mom? The first thing we noticed about this song was the catchy factor and how it instantly was a banger! He uses such a very tranquil state throughout within his range, but the chill sense is actually the best part of this song.


     The entire song he's talking to his Mama, asking her when she's coming to visit him in L.A and how the distance between them is so hard. It's hard not to fall for this song or for HUSH, he's just a dude you're going to like, you know what I'm saying? The raw talent and simplicity jam packed into this one song is unreal and honestly so refreshing! Just be prepared because we have a feeling after you listen to this jam you're going to be making a call, answering with 'Hey, Mama.'


Lyrics That Stick:


"Hey Mama, just gotta tell ya

That I love ya, from the bottom of my heart

I'm so thankful, that I have ya

While I have ya."

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