Mike Crigs - So Far Gone (feat. Mike Stud)

January 14, 2020

     Two Mikes came together and collaborated on an absolute headbanger! The messaging is sad, but combining the passion in their voices with the instrumentation; it's hard not vibe with! The genre is all over the place, Both Mike Crigs & Mike Stud rap and sing over an alternative beat marking this song really unique and one of a kind!


     The message behind the song focuses on a broken heart, with self loathing trying to piece itself back together with numbing agents. A relatable melody we all have felt at some point in time. The song really embodies the feeling of being outside of yourself and doing things you usually don’t do. The lyrical choices used we’re specific and helped depict an amazing yet sad mental image. So Far, this song has Gone above and beyond any of our expectations!



Lyrics That Stick:


“All I know is, it's getting hard to focus

My cup is full I’m hopping, it will fill these holes.”




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