ripmattblack - You Love It!

January 16, 2020

     A groovy alternative record that focuses on an unorthodox relationship between a rock star and a fan. 'You Love It!' is upbeat, fun, and definitely the kind of song you want to add to your "I have a crush" playlist!


      The record opens with a sweet electric guitar riff that flows beautifully into the first verse. The tone of ripmattblack's voice tells me he's relaxed and just enjoying life. This record is like those people who smile and it causes us to smile because they just give off a certain kind of glow. That's what this song does. It forces you to want to smile and you beat it's gonna be hard to not dance to this jam as well!



Lyrics That Stick:

"You love to scream my name
And I know you hate the fact that I'm only in town for a day
But I don't think it's safe outside for me to go today
They know my name, they know my name."






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