LostinVegas - Dna

January 16, 2020

     Some people can't control specific characteristic qualities such as, mental diseases, or hereditary defects. Some of us can learn to cope, for others it can destroy relationships. LostinVegas's new single 'Dna,' focuses on that exact topic.


     He takes the more understanding side of things as he describes in the record that he has the same problem, so how could he be mad?  A very unique topic that LostinVegas expressed beautifully. The instrumentation is light hearted and groovy! At times I can hear a little reggae influence, as well as some pop and hip-hop in the instrumental; which makes this tune incredibly versatile and fun to listen to! 


Lyrics That Stick:


"I should have known you were a hoe

when you say you're busy but you're glued to your phone

I'm not even mad, its okay 

cause I'm doing the same thing."




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