lil spirit - sins

January 22, 2020


     Four days ago, lil spirit dropped a heartfelt tune on SoundCloud with the kinetic energy to charge a car battery! I'm talking a soulful headbanger. The kind of tune you listen to when you're really feeling something strong for someone and can't show it!


      lil spirit's new single 'sins' focuses on an individual who wants to reignite a feeling of love but the other wants no part of it. He did an amazing job of describing real life scenarios in his lyrics, literally pulling the audience right in the middle of the action! The soulful instrumentation provides more than just a beat backing up lil spirit but as well pulls listeners in. The structure follows lil spirit's vocal energy creating a really clean and beautiful record!


Lyrics That Stick:


"tell me all your sins

cause I really wanna know what you do when you're alone

go and take another sip

cause I really wanna go but I want you one more time."



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