JackZick - Dior Diamonds

January 24, 2020

     Dior Diamonds,' the kind of tune you tend to play when you're really shining. JackZick's new single really knocks it out of the park and is an absolute headbanger for a song that has a lead acoustic. This record is infusion of a lot of different styles of music and is really fun to listen to as well!


     The lyrics focus on JackZick from a nostalgic perspective and how he is where he is today from what he's done. He sings and raps changing every 4 to 16 bars but sings the choruses the same allowing the song to have a fluent cadence and structure. Combining all of this together, it produces a unique twist and a real piece of art. The next time you feel like you need to let loose and jam, bump this!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Dior Diamonds, gada put the time in

I won't ever stop until my neck and wrist are shining 

treat me like a prophet, I want all the profit."





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