John Concepcion - Feel A Way (feat. Yanna)

January 24, 2020

     A beautiful record derivative of R&B and Soul, built off of a collaborated effort to describe a unique and personal story of two individuals in love. Executed with a heartfelt doubt and the kind of song you add to your "When I'm alone with boo" playlist!


     The way this song is built and sung plays a huge part in why it's so good! At times, John and Yanna sound almost like they're bouncing off one another as if it's like a musical, but in a bluesy soulful kind of way! The instrumentation adds a rhythmic bassy melody and emotional ascetic that follows the lyrics as they happen and creates an amazing sound and song all together. This banger definitely has you Feelin' some type A Way!


Lyrics That Stick:


"I'm the only one capable to make you feel a way

girl I love your body so come and put it on me."








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