Trey Schafer - Home

January 24, 2020

     A gorgeous record with a romantic message, "I'm where you belong, home." A record that only has a lead vocal accompanied by a ukulele for the first half and slowly builds into a beautiful electronic pop sound. Trey Schafer's new single is powerful in a simplistic way and it's mighty impressive!


     'Home,' follows a unique structural style that slowly builds just like an action film. It has a lot of slow build up and right before the end of the song all the instrumentation finally comes, but soon cuts out for  for a relaxed finish. What subtopics in Trey's lyrics build just as the instrumentation does. The stakes get higher and a new instrument gets added. It's unique, it's impressive and I highly recommend this you give his 'Home' a listen!


Lyrics That Stick:


I’ve been planning in my feet on the earth outside at night
It’s scary, losing the grip on your own damn life."




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