Adam Turley - Be Right Back

January 25, 2020

     A catchy upbeat vibe with a sad and meaningful message behind it. Adam Turley's new song, 'Be Right Back,' doesn't aim to teach or provide a public service, instead, it focuses on the inner thoughts of someone who's feeling alone and distant from the people they love. 


     I believe Adam is trying to convey, this is how he felt writing the song and if others feel the same they're not alone. The instrumentation is really powerful and uplifting giving me the impression Adam is going to be fine. The strength behind the instruments are like putting a bandage on an open wound. It hurts, but you know everything will be okay in the end. Adam did an amazing job piecing this song together and you should definitely check this song out!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Just take one step at a time

Holding onto nothing

Keep my feet on the line

It'll be alright in the morning."








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