iann dior - Good Day(Music Video)

January 25, 2020


    The kind of tune you should be playing those days you wake up with energy and ready to have a good day! Iann dior's new single 'Good Day,' is a groovy banger and something I would consider "alternative hip-hop!


     A lot like the genre I would put Trippie Redd in, iann dior's stylistic choice in instrumentation with out procession has the potential to sound a lot of different ways in an alternative, urban pop. Since adding 808s and other traditional hip-hop processional sounds it gives this unique, alternative feel that sounds dope and has the potential to have a massive audience appeal! iann dior's new single is fun, light hearted and an absolute jam! 


Lyrics That Stick:


"It's gon' be a good day
I'ma have a good day 'cause I had a long night
Rollin' with my ni**as and they never switchin' sides
Smoke a OZ, man, I love to get high."






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