Croosh - Love Is Blind

January 28, 2020

     Croosh's new single is the kind of song you play when you have nothing to lose! A jamin' tune about a broken heart that turns into one night stands. 'Love Is Blind,' takes an exciting approach to the upsides of being single!


     Diving into the production side of things, there is an underlying rhythm electric riff that loops every 16 bars and plays through 90% of the song. It sounds gorgeous, however do note, this song doesn't sound repetitive at all despite the loop! There are a lot of interchanging instrumental stems packed one on top of another keeping the song unique and fun! 'Love Is Blind' absolutely, but we do love that crazy feeling of diving into it Blindly!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Love is blind and talk is cheap
But money talks yeah, it talks to me
So tell me who you wanna be
It's up to you woah."








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