Goodh4rt - I Will Make It

January 28, 2020

     A tune dedicated to proving those who doubt, you wrong. 'I Will Make It,' is the kind of anthem track a lot of us tend to flow to in times of desperation and need. Goodh4rt uses versatility and style to make this song a groovy banger and is definitely a fun track to play under any circumstance!


     Through the use of nostalgia, Goodh4rt creates a form of compare and contrast in his lyrics during the verses. He compares the struggles with the triumphs creating a sense of accomplishment, though he's still not made it yet. The wheels are starting to turn for Goodh4rt and I'm excited to see what comes next! 


Lyrics That Stick:


"Told the shorty to get up in wipe and we fly away

Spaceship going past the limit goin' 88."





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