Ollie - Broken Down (Music Video)

January 29, 2020

     Ollie completely breaks it down in his exceptionally made music video 'Broken Down!' The song starts out with a TV in the center and focused a old video we're guessing is young Ollie when he was a small kid! Ollie is in a completely pitch dark room going into this depth monologue of how broken he's been feeling and how he feels silenced, speaking but nobody can hear what he's saying. You see Ollie as he seems to peer into the old rooms he's had growing up, first being his room as a toddler, then his room when he's older. He pours out his entire soul in this single and it literally give you goosebumps!


     Ollie goes into depth of how everyday is a struggle and he's simply faking it to make it. There's a bunch of filled moving boxes throughout his room as he walks into another setting of a bedroom for a young adult. He dives into the struggle of depression and how he just longs for happiness and love as you see a shadow following a woman walking past him. Ollie really struck a chord with the overall essence and emotions he wanted his listeners to feel, the eerie darkness throughout the music video made us understand a peek of what he feels, dealing with depression. Ollie you have completely 'Broken Down' with such a vulnerable way and we applaud you for it because this song is remarkable!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Why is it that 

Everything I touch just start eroding." 

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