Adrian Stresow - Pretend (feat. 27CLUB)

January 31, 2020

     A banging record with a really groovy unique sound, 'Pretend,' is the kind of tune you should add to your, "When the days feel long" playlist! It has a powerful message of following your dreams but something you have to look for as well is yourself from within.


     This song points out one major topic that I think is really cool! What I depicted through the lyrics was, in order to succeed one has to fix itself in order to move forward. You can't pretend you're life is perfect when it isn't! Both Adrian and 27CLUB do an amazing job of expressing this in their own way. This is an exciting song and the two deserve every bit of recognition for this banging tune!


Lyrics That Stick:


"I been running out of options
Tryna get it I been plottin', plottin'
They just wanna see me falling
Fighting in my own head like, all I see is red lights."







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