Khalid & Disclosure - Know Your Worth

  Close your eyes and pretend you're in a nightclub for the first time, are you feeling it? Because we are! Khalid continues to bring the vibes to the table back to back, and never seems to disappoint. His latest song  'Know Your Worth,' Brings a GREAT sound to the table (It's Khalid no surprise here). Although he brings light to being in the position of putting your all into someone, and feeling worthless day in and day out, somehow we find a way to come out happy after listening to this song!



  Khalid & Disclosure have taken a "Sad Song" flipped the switch on it, and turned it into a song you'd be dancing to for days at a music festival! (We love it! We really do!) We love the quick build up into the chorus, makes it hard for us to take it off repeat. But, if there's one thing we've learned from this song Khalid will be keeping his head up!  




Lyrics That Stick:


"Find someone you know will put you first,

Find someone who loves you at your worst."



















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