Reeph & Clever - Rockstar

February 6, 2020


     Don't we all want to be 'Rockstars?' Reeph & Clever came together to make a banger that is going to have you praising these 'Rockstars,' because their latest single is that fucking good! There's such a very Post vibe within this song that caught our attention immediately and will grab yours as well as you stand in shock of how damn good this song hits!


     It's one of those singles that doesn't drown out forever and sits right before the three minute mark, but has you pressing that rewind button another fifty times after one listen. They really go into depth with the lifestyle they have which in turn proves these two are true STARS! The way they gracefully extend their verses gives it this edgy twist and ignites the song entirely! Rock with these two artists and allow their songle to blow your mind!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Take me away form this violence

Up in the clouds where the sky is 

That's where my high is."



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