Jutes - Everyone Knows

      Jutes coming at us with his first single of 2020 'Everyone Knows,' gives off this feeling of tunnel  vision, makes any ordinary day feel like a movie! Do you love someone? Do they not love you back? Well I guess 'Everyone Knows,' Go walk around the city jamming this tune ignoring everyone else around!


  Jutes knows what's going on so does everyone else, but he does what his heart desires. Turning a heartbreak into a Punk/Pop/Rock song, all in one package using some of the best genres! 'Everyone knows,' sounds like it's made for a movie. Something to note, Jutes last two singles have similar cover art... Should we be expecting an album here in the near future? Let's hope so because we definitely want to hear more from him!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Its like I lose my appetite 

every time you cross my mind."











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