Dutch Melrose - Sleepless

     Are you feeling a little restless? Need a few more Z's? So does Dutch Melrose and of course a girl is the one to blame! Why does Dutch continue not to falter in the appeal of his symphonies, keeping us on our toes and in suspense waiting for the next banger to drop!


     First of all, his voice is UNREAL and seems to be pitch perfect! And the way he transcended to that hook belting out "Oh my, oh my, oh my. Why's it every night, I'm feeling so sleepless?" Well, Dutch we have to wonder "Oh, my. Why's it every night all we want to bump is you?" The way he brought the instrumental in and out right before the build up of the hook just hit in such a catchy aspect, WE WERE SHOOK! Sorry y'all, you aren't getting any Sleep anytime soon, you'll be too busy losing your mind over this new drop!


Lyrics That Stick:


"And darling I'm scared

That you, might wake up loving someone new."



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February 19, 2020

February 19, 2020

February 19, 2020

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