Kevin Flum - Catch a Vibe


  Catching flights, and catching vibes here's Kevin Flum with his first single of the new decade 'Catch a Vibe,' featuring Casey Reynolds. This track is a banger no doubt, and is a good fit for any mood! We're just trying to catch a vibe. We think you should catch the same one as well!


  Kevin Flum's vocals on his newest single 'Catch a Vibe,' are really interesting it's sounds like he's speaking to you through a telephone the entire time, feels like you're right there on the phone with him! Kevin Flum's been at this for a while now, and i think we're looking at a MAJOR breakthrough in the near future! But for now go 'Catch a Vibe,' and stream Kevin Flum's newest single!


Lyrics That Stick:


"I'm just tryna catch a vibe,

you should catch the same one."









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