Cronin - Broke

  Moving on might not be a problem for certain individuals, but for a lot of us it's not the easiest thing in the world. Here's Cronin with his Valentine's Day heartbreak single 'Broke,' in his newest single he talks about a girl who seems to move on with such ease, nothing seems hard for her from the outside! We might not ever know what goes on in her mind.


  Cause moving on is too easy, which is exactly why we aren't moving on from this one! Hard to get away from it, keeping 'Broke,' on repeat for sure, you should do the same! Cronin has a very unique voice, and i think every single one of us listening to this can agree on. "You're listening right?" YOU BETTER BE! Cronin's single broke is definitely worth the listen, so go do that! We're warning you it's not gonna be so easy to move on from this one!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Who broke your heart,

does he look like me?"



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