Hunter Powell - I Knew You (EP)

     Hunter Powell with his EP 'I Knew You,' there might have been a lot of people that we've gotten to know over the years. We might not know them as much as we thought we did, people change like seasons. Everyone changes, for the better or worse you decide!


    Hunter Powell's new EP 'I Knew You,' has 5 tracks, and we can tell you one thing.... They're all worth the listen! And if you think we'd lie to you, go check it for yourself! "How you gonna look me in the eyes, and tell a lie" we wouldn't trust her either. Hunter Powell has a very unique vocals, flow, just his whole persona! You could certainly pick him out from the rest! Go stream Hunter Powell's new EP 'I Knew You,' Right NOW!


Lyrics That Stick:


"I thought I knew your body,

thought you had a heart inside."




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