King V. - Rockstar

      If you haven't heard, King V is a fucking 'Rockstar' and he's living life to the fullest extent! He brings such a very unforgettable substance throughout this song as he speaks of letting go of all the superficial and unmemorable moments we think may be important now and simply living in the moment!


     We continue to hear the King V progress in his sound and we are very impressed with the energy and overall catchy essence throughout this bop. 'Rockstars' do what makes them happy and only think in the present, King V really displays just how important this type of mindset is. Put that "ROCK ON" sing high up in the air and try living in King V's shoes for a day!


Lyrics That Stick:


"I'm a Rockstar

Ridin in a fast car

We just came to rage tonight

End up in a cop car."





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