Stereo Jane - Strangers (Music Video)

     Come on now, don't be a 'Stranger!' Stereo Jane is all the rage and this duo is coming in HOTT with their latest music video 'Strangers!' We love the entire concept and atmosphere throughout this entire video, it really was so vividly relatable and on point! The music video follows the two sisters and duo of Stereo Jane; Sydney and Emilia, as Sydney notices her ex in a bar unexpectedly. At first sight she loses her shit and emotions unable to even look at him, but then she does what every badass woman would want to do in that situation and made it her goal to make him envious!


     The entire video followed Sydney along through the bar, her sister Emilia watching her along the way. She starts feeling herself in the best way and flirting with a bunch of people in the bar catching his gaze each and every time! There's such a comedic aspect within this song that we admired and really loved as it shows shots of Emilia looking at her sister in shock and Sydney going above and beyond laying on pool tables and dancing along jukeboxes! These two nailed it, I mean, we all just want our ex to see us with a complete 'Stranger' and honestly, we start to feel like 'Strangers' as well with exes after a treacherous heartbreak. Stereo Jane is one to be on the lookout for because, let's face it, they aren't going to be 'Strangers' to us any longer!


Lyrics That Stick:


"I'm on to the next you

Hope you got a good view

Watch me when I talk to Strangers."

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