Christian French - crowded room (Music Video)

March 9, 2020

    Damn is that Jeremy Zucker or Christian French? From that opening verse we can't tell, nah just playing, that's definitely that signature Christian French sound once the hook hits! He's the only artist out there that can WOO us with his oohs! But let's get back to this spectacular song and video shall we?


   'Crowded Room,' is the perfect look into an introvert's way of thinking and how they prefer to be on the outside of the social circle looking in rather than what most people crave. You know the spotlight, attention, and all the other stuff that comes along with fame. Luckily for us, Christian's never lost himself in the hype that is Los Angeles..even after signing his first big deal. But what has changed for him, is he's unable to be his true recluse self. He has to break out of character and force himself into uncomfortable social situations that he would've never done, before becoming this huge superstar we all know and love. 


   We catch a little glimpse of this world when he said "But no one knows that it feels like I'm standing in a crowded room, fighting to find a little space to move." This line right here shows us just how suffocated he's feeling lately with all the unwanted attention he's being receiving but yet doesn't quite know how to find alone time for himself to recharge his soul again. Shout out to French for keeping it so real and relatable for all the other introverts out there constantly fighting a daily battle with themselves over this exact same problem. And maybe, just maybe he helped a wallflower or two blossom into a social butterfly all because of this masterpiece right here! So, the next time you feel like you're in a 'Crowded Room,' play this one and who knows the walls might expand a little bit to give you some breathing room! :)


Lyrics That Stick:


"But no one knows that it feels like I'm standing in a crowded room, fighting to find a little space to move."


"Maybe I should try to make friends with this crowded room."




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