Lauv - El Tejano (feat. Sofía Reyes)

March 10, 2020

    If you've lived or still currently do live in the Los Angeles area, you know exactly what's going on in this song! For those of you that don't we're about to fill you in. 'El Tejano' is a very popular NoHo (North Hollywood) restaurant/bar that is basically the unofficial official spot for music industry mixers. Back when we used to live in LA, we went here often and you never know who would show up that night, but you knew nonetheless it would be a damn good time!


   So, with that said Lauv finally broke the silence on this hidden gem and wrote a song about meeting a girl at El T's over by the FREE salsa bar. Could see this one being a summer smash and bringing in even more popularity to El Tejano's than it already has! Also highkey Sofía Reyes snapped on her verse, you can never have too much Latin flare. To sum this spicy song up in a sentence, if you want to meet the girl of your dreams and you're chillin' in NoHo..hit up El Tejano's and your wish might just get granted.


P.S. Taco Tuesdays are a must & their margaritas are some of the best we've ever had.


Lyrics That Stick:

"I met a girl at El Tejano, we dance to Spanish covers of Nirvana."


"It's happy hour up in NoHo, she said I never come here solo."




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