Zach Paradis & Egomi - HEARTBREAK (Music Video)

     What do we all hate going through? DING, DING, DING! That's right, 'HEARTBREAKS.' They're mentally exhausting and quite frankly, fucking painful! Zack Paradis has his own take on his own 'HEARTBREAK' and teams up with another amazingly talented artist Egomi who describes his side of the story as well in this collab.


     Their music video, while very simple in its entirety, really captured the main point across, crystal clear! It's starts off with Paradis walking along his neighborhood street with a note in his hand and just going through the breakup in his head reliving how he was told the relationship could no longer continue. He then goes on to say "Before it was tragic, it really was magic," this line right here hits everyone who has ever been through a breakups nerve. The one thing it takes the longest to die off is the blissful memories you and that person shared throughout the relationship. It's the forbidden fruit your mind can't stay away from.


     Egomi then enters the picture and goes through his own somber walk regretting how his relationship ended as well. We get this beautiful glimpse of this artists vocals when he harmonizes at the end of his line leading up to the chorus and it instantly gives you this gratifying feeling! Both artists reach their exes doors with letters in their hands, which is very ironic, given there's a echo in the song saying "I'll leave you with this." We watched intently as Paradis almost knocks on the door but isn't able to bring himself to do it, while the video cuts right as Egomi knocks on the door of his exes house.


     The very similar but contrasting elements throughout the entire video really portray two vivid reality of two seperate relationships that ended differently with very different outcomes in the end, but the same emotions involved. If you have been through a 'HEARTBREAK,'  are going through one right now or have never been through one, this video will hit all the same and it's a must watch! Get out the popcorn and get absorbed in this one y'all!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Should I wait on your doorstep

To prove I do love you better 

Or should I move on with regret

And let the dust of us settle."

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