Dae Zhen - Idk (Music Video)

      My lord, Dae Zhen is coming in HOTT with this one! He has a new music video for his song 'Idk,' but can we just say he seems very well assured throughout this sultry and exciting video! He's in the company of a beautiful woman who has changed his life and flipped it completely around! He speaks of always needing someone new when time comes around, but this girl is different and special, given she keeps him grounded to her! Now, isn't that what every girl wants? A man that's going to stay by your side?


     He shows this honesty and realness throughout the song, claiming he just doesn't know what's in store, but he does know that he's so about her it's overwhelming! The music video shows her and him together throughout with this very dimmed blue, icy lighting so you can really just catch the sex appeal of this woman and the appeal that he has to her! 'Idk,' maybe you all should take a look and listen to Dae Zhen's latest, because this one is catchy as hell and hypnotic in the making!


Lyrics That Stick:


"I don't know 

But I like to

Cause I like you."

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