diveliner - I Can't Sleep (Album)

diveliner obviously has a lot to say.  From broken-hearted love songs to brutally honest self reflection, not a track is lacking in meaning. A new single from an artist can be released for many reasons: to remain consistent, maintain relevance, build excitement for an upcoming project, or one of a thousand other reasons.  But when an artist releases an album, more often than not it's because they have something to say, and have found the right way to say it.  On his new album 'I Can't Sleep',


     The closest comparison I can draw to diveliner's unique style is none other than the king of sad pop himself, Post Malone.  But, while Post Malone tends to have a more in-your-face style, diveliner has a sort of subtlety that makes it so if you don't pay attention to what's being said, you're sure to miss something deep and meaningful.  My personal favorite is 'Closer', a track about a broken relationship and his path to finding closure.  But really, 'I Can't Sleep' is an album with no misses.  Filled with heartfelt bangers and passionate ballads, this album undoubtedly has something for everybody.


Lyrics That Stick:


"Closer to living right,

Hell on earth is paradise"






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