Jack Harlow - Sweet Action (Album)

   The pressure was on for emerging rapper Jack Harlow after having the biggest hit of his career with 'WHATS POPPIN'. Still, I don't know if anyone expected a project of this caliber from the young legend from Kentucky. With 7 tracks, all diverse but featuring the flow that Harlow is known for, it is a problem without a single miss.


     Besides the breakout single previously mentioned, my favorite has to be 'HEY BIG HEAD.' With a hard beat and Jack coming with bars that will rival any of your favorite rappers, it's a definite standout. One of the standout characteristics about Harlow is his extreme confidence in a time where the trend is sad, insecure raps. He has no problem ending a song saying, 'I set trends, next up, no question.' and meaning it.  If you're not paying attention to him now, you're missing out.


Lyrics That Stick:


"What's poppin',

Brand new whip, just hopped in"




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