Moe Young ft. lil spirit - Shot With Me

March 15, 2020

    At this point there's no stopping the wrecking ball that is Internet Money. They keep dropping bangers almost every single week, which is keeping us sane during the pandemic we're all suffering through.

Today, we have Moe Young making his BOTD debut with his breezy new banger 'Shot With Me.'


   This one will having you missing the days when a hot girl at the bar would ask you to take a "shot" with her, and by the end of the night y'all would end up dancing on the bar together. Not to mention when lil spirit comes in on the second verse, and absolutely kills it just like you should your next shot! That's right, why not turn this song into a drinking game while you're social distancing.. So with that said every time this song plays, take a "shot with us" and live a little!


Lyrics That Stick: 


"Just one night, girl that's all we need."






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