Neon Dreams - Walk Away (Music Video)

     PLEASE! Whatever you do, don't walk away from Neon Dreams and their latest music video 'Walk Away!' They bring this very casual and cool vibe throughout the video that really captures their style and all its entirety! It shows the duo in their super abstract and chill backyard just jammin out. It then pivots to then in what looks like a big limo and we see close ups of the artists faces really getting in their feels.


     The song focuses on falling hard in a relationship that could potentially be good for you, but not having the strength to stay and eventually... 'WALKing AWAY.' Our favorite setting throughout the music video was when Neon Dreams was in a desert field with blossoming, red flowers. The image was so picturesque and had that touch of that Neon Dreams aura that we crave! We loved the line "She said that she love me, but I don't believe it," this line is so raw with the honesty of how one has felt starting a brand new feeling with someone when they've been hurt before. Don't let Neon Dreams 'Walk Away,' this single is too good not to play on repeat!


Lyrics That Stick:


"3am floating in the deep end

I'm so used to feeling

So alone."

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