Gianni Taylor - Malibu

March 16, 2020

      You already know all the best songs focus on the most beautiful place... obviously that  being 'Malibu.' For Gianni Taylor, that's the absolute place to be an the perfect spot to take his woman. The chorus hits as he talks about bringing someone to the beach he hasn't seem in a while and the effortless, breezy flow Taylor incorporates, literally has us picturing that sweet breeze and salty air.


     When he starts going off and says "Feel like Bruno Mars with this versace on the floor," we literally had to applaud, because damn, that's what that line deserved. So, you trying to hit the coast? Better bet the only beach we're pulling up to is 'Malibu!'


Lyrics That Stick:


"Girl I'm really trying to see you

I'm just really trying to please you

 I can take you out to Malibu."



Blowin smoke out the window."

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