Ant Saunders - u know it's real

     'U know it's real,' when she has you cleaning the whole house, making sure it looks pristine! Ant Saunders has released yet another cute and catchy ditty for us to fall for just as much as 'Yellow Hearts' hit! The 'u know it's real' music video is out and it is odd in the most beautiful way. If you haven't noticed by now Saunders really marches to the beat of his own drum and WE LOVE HIM FOR IT! He has this quirkiness to him that's absolutely extraordinary and refreshing, u know HE's real!


     The music video displays Saunders doing chores around his house while a pretty blonde is shown chillin watching him tidy up. By the time night arrives, it shows Saunders fixing her hair and them both having a romantic dinner together. After the dinner he swivels her chair around and the pretty blonde turned into a life-sized doll...yeah, we were thrown off too.


     We actually loved the concept and it had you thinking as the storyline starts over from the beginning, and you see the entire day unfold and the girl you thought it once was is shown in each scene again as the doll. It's so entertaining and actually gives the meaning 'u know it's real,' such power and emphasis, because to Saunders this relationship actually IS real! It truly doesn't matter if you're in love with a human or a doll at this point, as long as that love is real to you, that's all that matters!


Lyrics That Stick:


"U know it's real

When thinking bout her gives you warm

U know it's real 

When you get anxious thinking forth."






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