44phantom - Bittersweet (EP)

     This right here is a very special project.  6 tracks deep, and every one with a different meaning and feeling attached to it.  I listened to it time and time again, trying to pick a favorite to highlight, but every time I listened through, a different song would stick out to me.


     So, I recommend you listen all the way through, and then do it again, and then do it again.  On some songs I felt like 44phantom sounded like a sad Justin Bieber, but there were just glimpses of that before his originality would shine through once again and he would just sound like himself.  Real, raw, and very, very talented.  Now's your chance to say you knew him before he got big.  Go download 'Bittersweet' and be ahead of the crowd.


Lyrics That Stick:


"You're cold as stone, I can see it in your face

I wish you hated me, cause at least you'd feel something"






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