BabyJake - Confidant (Music Video)

     Sometimes you just need that 'Confidant,' to keep you secrets a secret, and allow you to vent. And sometimes you really don't want to be ANYONE's confidant! BabyJake's latest music video surrounds that topic, with it's groovy and 70's throwback theme!


     The storyline starts off with a hip, skater looking couple walking what looks like the streets of LA. There's this vibrant and carefree aura in the video that gives you that nostalgic feeling even if you weren't around during that time. You see this look of either regret or longing on the girls face and you know from that point forward this story is going to take you on a whirlwind of a ride back in time.


     The chorus hits and we realized the 'Confidant' meaning in this song refers to BabyJake telling the girl he's with that she honestly shouldn't be telling him the things she is, because DAMN B, he's not your only 'Confidant!'


     It then panes to the couple having an argument over the one and the next thing we see is a scene of the dude walking in on his girl in bed with another man (who happen to be BabyJake) while she gets up and kisses him real quick. Well, that just goes to show, you can't trust no hoe. Take a look and a listen to BabyJake's 'Confidant' it's as Far Out as it gets!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Don't hit my phone late at night

Don't hit me up more than twice

I'm not your friend

Not your only Confidant."



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