30 - Last Day of My Life

     With a message similar to that of Good Charlotte's 'The Day That I Die,' 30 delivers a heart-wrenching story of his final day alive.  Specifically, he tells of a significant other, and how the last day of his life would be spent with that person.


     His vocals are laid over little more than a guitar, strummed in a pretty consistent manner over the course of the song.  The magic, then, doesn't come in the intricate details but the simplicity of the track and feeling in 30's voice.  This isn't the kind of track that you will ever hear in a club or at a party, but it is the one that is sure to help raise your spirit's on a hard day, and I think that's the best kind of song.


Lyrics That Stick:


"If it's the last day of my life,

I'd come back to you"




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